Economic and Employment Promotion

The engines of economic growth and job creation are a vigorous private sector and a well-functioning financial system. As the challenges of globalisation are significant and ever-evolving, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across all sectors need to be facilitated and supported to be able to innovate, improve productivity though product and process upgrading, and identify and exploit market opportunities.

A coherent national competitiveness strategy plays a major role in boosting companies’ competitiveness by creating and enabling a business environment where:

  • Adequate infrastructure and regulatory frameworks, including business financing, are in place;
  • Suitable skilled labour force is made available through developing (Technical) Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs that work jointly with the private sector;
  • Linkages/partnerships between relevant public and private stakeholders, including academia and civil society, are facilitated.

Additionally, in an increasingly dominating global economy, the need of harnessing science, technology and innovation (STI) has become more evident. As globalisation has enhanced the dissemination of knowledge and expertise, there is a pressing need to couple STI outcomes with business enterprises and practical applications in the industrial and technical domains.

Our services contribute to reach the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth”.

SME/ MSME Promotion

We assist MSME and private sector stakeholders in developing and implementing strategic tools and instruments:

  • Entrepreneurship and upgrading of MSME
  • Business Development Services
  • Support to private sector organisation/ association development


Trade and Investment Promotion

We assist governmental agencies, private sector organisations and companies in export and foreign direct investment promotion.

  • Access to international markets
  • Trade fair participation
  • Investor search and matchmaking


Local and Regional Economic Development

We assist local and regional government in applying policies, tools and instruments for economic development.

  • Creation of enabling environment
  • Enhancing policy dialogue
  • Value chain development
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP)

Micro and SME Finance

We assist and train financial service providers including Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs), credit unions, commercial banks and NGOs in:

  • Upgrading and downscaling of financial institutions
  • Innovative policies and procedures, such as operational and credit risk management, corporate governance, asset and liability management
  • Product development, inter alia energy efficiency and renewable energy credit products, Islamic financial products, leasing products


Financial Sector Supervision

We assist and train central banks, ministries and insurance supervisory bodies in

  • Financial sector policies and regulatory frameworks
  • Restructuring the internal management, training of staff, introduction of management information system (MIS)
  • Regulatory framework safeguarding customers rights

Vocational Education and Training

  • Legal frameworks for TVET
  • Formal and informal TVET system and the labour markets
  • Study exchange programmes and VET workshops


Set-up of Training Centres

  • TVET infrastructures
  • TVET centre engineering
  • TVET management and administration


Labour Market and Employment

  • Labour market and employment strategies and reform processes
  • Systems and trainings in career counselling
  • Platforms and networks for stakeholders in the field of VET and employment
  • Labour market information and systems for job search


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