Governance, Education and Social Development

Citizens of all countries in the world aspire to live in peaceful, inclusive and cohesive societies. Sustainable Development G Goal 16 on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions challenges all countries in the world to “end violence, promote the rule of law, strengthen institutions and increase access to justice”. Our expertise in this regard seeks to support national, regional and local authorities in building accountable, effective and inclusive institutions as well as provide access to justice, education and training, social protection and health care.

ICON also supports reforms and development of public finance institutions enabling them to ensure that proper funding of State operations and delivery of services to the citizens. Civil Society Organisations (CSO) are also an integral part of democratic and modern society and we are proud to contribute to their development as well.

Education and healthcare are fundamental services to citizens providing the basis for the development of the human capital for the society and economy to strive according to the targets and objectives of the 2030 Development Agenda. These topics are also addressed in the EU Framework Contract Lot 3 and 4 (led by ICON).

As part of the activities to advance this agenda, ICON provides expertise in building capacities at individual and organisational levels. By building information systems for healthcare, education and public finance, developing trainings and lifelong learning, and conducting surveys, research and feasibility studies related to these topics, we assist the authorities and civil society organisations to improve governance, gender equality and civic engagement.

  • Public Finance Management
  • Public Administration Modernisation
  • Local Governance
  • Civil Society Strengthening
  • Project Management Units (PMU) and National Authorising Offices (NAO)
  • Justice and Legislation

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education 

  • Scholarship grant schemes
  • School and University networks and community participation programmes
  • School construction and procurement of school equipment
  • HEMIS devices (Higher Education Management Information Systems)
  • Study exchange programmes, study and research visits
  • Research programmes, innovation fora, co-operation platforms


Planning, Development and Implementation of Training

  • Train the Trainer, further training / HRD
  • Soft skills and leadership
  • Lifelong Learning (LLL)


For further ICON expertise related to the field of Vocational Education and Employment please click here.

Social Policy

  • Social protection reform
  • Improvement of social security and social assistance schemes
  • Social inclusion and cohesion
  • Gender and empowerment of women



  • Health policy and planning
  • Health management information systems
  • Health facilities and services
  • Primary healthcare