Active Citizenship – PROCIVIS 11th EDF

Technical Assistance in the Framework of the Support Programme for Active Citizenship – PROCIVIS 11th EDF



Cameroon has adopted a new long-term development vision with the ambition of becoming an emerging, democratic and diverse country by 2035. The strengthening of citizenship through the improvement of the participation of citizens and civil society in the management of public affairs was one of the strategic axes of Cameroon's National Governance Programme and the Strategy for Economic Growth and Employment.

The two components of PROCIVIS's intervention, namely the modernisation of civil status and the strengthening of civil society participation, were in line with this strategic orientation. ICON-INSTITUT strengthened the people’s access to civil registration services in regard to the civil status birth, marriage, and death records, supported the perception of civil service officers, improved the system by training officers on how to operate the civil service system and established regional platforms on civil status.

ICON-INSTITUT’s engagement supported as well the civil society organisations (CSO), by improving and strengthening the relation between themselves and towards the state structures. The awareness was raised among administrative authorities of the role of civil society and the value of its participation. The CSO were structured around pilot projects with regional focus and carried out by active civil society networks. This enabled the CSOs working on the same issues to join forces and to strengthen common dynamics, as well as to share experience and knowledge.


13/02/2018 - 23/01/2022




Governance, Education and Social Development


4.000.000 €


European Union - EDF


Le Ministre de I'Economie, de la Planification et de I'Aménagement du Territoireo Ordonnateur National du FED

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