Business Advisory Services SMEs via VINASME

Business Advisory Services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) via the Vietnam Association of SMEs (VINASME)



ICON implemented the project “VINASME - Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises” financed by the World Bank with the aim to increase benefits for rural private enterprises and households in Vietnam by improving their access to financial services.

The expert team strengthened the capacity of VINASME and the provincial associations to provide quality business training and advisory services in order to help rural SMEs improve their business management and improve access to credits.

With the comprehensive training activities provided by ICON’s team, VINASME’s staff members became capable business consultants and developed the necessary technical and didactic skills for the successful provision of the business advisory services to SMEs. Furthermore a model was designed to create legal and business advisory centres for SMEs to operate efficiently at the level of provincial/regional associations. The centres were through the technical assistance measures enabled to assist the local SMEs in developing their business operations, enhancing their competitiveness and improving the efficiency of their business. The centres further protected legal rights of the association’s members, functioned as an intermediary between enterprises and the authorities on issues of particular relevance to SMEs, including enhancing an enabling policy and legal environment, as well as international relationships and trade promotion.


24/01/2012 - 30/04/2013


Viet Nam


Economic and Employment Promotion


322.660 €


World Bank



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