Establishment of NCP-Network for Horizon Europe and ERASMUS Plus

Establishment of the Nigerian National Contact Point Network For Horizon Europe and ERASMUS+



Nigeria aims to enhance its R&I landscape. Despite initiatives, Nigerian researchers face challenges in participating, with low engagement in Horizon 2020 and limited involvement in Erasmus+. The Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) is entrusted to establish a National Contact Points (NCP) Network, seeking support for capacity building. The proposed project aligns with EU-Nigeria R&I cooperation goals, complementing TETFund's efforts to unlock Nigerian academics' R&I potential through Horizon Europe and Erasmus+.

This project aims to initiate the creation of a Nigerian NCP for the EU's higher education and Erasmus+ programs. The NCP will collaborate with stakeholders, ensuring compliance with Horizon Europe standards. The goal is to provide sufficient administrative capacity and support for effective NCP operations.

Specific objectives

1. Database development with an overview of Nigeria's R&I system

2. Maintain database of R&I institutions, monitoring national programs for synergies

3. Develop a dedicated portal for Horizon Europe and ERASMUS+, integrating national platforms

4. Training for NCPs on Horizon Europe

5. Organise and operate the Nigerian NCP network, ensuring compliance with standards

6. Workshops on proposal writing

7. National info-days for Horizon Europe with matchmaking activities

8. Increase Nigerian academics' and researchers' involvement through training and updates


18/12/2023 - 17/05/2026


Governance, Education and Social Development


354.700 €


European Union


European Commission

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