EU-Canada Policy Dialogues

EU-Canada Policy Dialogues Support Facility



Canada is one of the European Union's closest and longest-standing trade partner. The EU-Canada Policy Dialogue Support Facility project supports the further strengthening and enlarging of this relationship by providing technical assistance in the form of technical visits, workshops, conferences etc. Dialogue between EU and Canada is rich including summit level, ministerial, senior officials, Members of Parliament and working level. The targeted intervention areas in which the dialogue is being intensified include a large variety of topics: international peace and security, multilateralism, economic and sustainable development, justice, freedom and security. Measures to deepen the relationship include a reinforced cooperation in these priority areas, a regular update of relevant information as well as the dissemination of this information, concrete bilateral actions to support the implementation of CETA and the creation of synergies for business opportunities for European companies in Canada. Concrete examples of actions taken to illustrate the project goals are:
- An annual symposium for the Common Security and Defence Policy with high profile guest speakers highlighting the roles of Canada and the EU and their cooperation on the topic
- The participation of EU representatives at the SIAL Canada expo 2020 (the largest food and beverages trade show in Canada)
- A business event for clean technology targeting Canadian and European SMEs working in the area of clean technologies including presentations, B2B and B2G meetings.
- A workshop on democratic interference, sponsored by Global Affairs Canada in the context of the annual meeting of the G7 taskforce on RRM (rapid reaction mechanism) and its focus on foreign threats to democracy


01/03/2019 - 28/02/2022




Governance, Education and Social Development


2.830.200 €


European Union


European Union

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