Evaluation of UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education (IBE)

Evaluation of the implementation of the renewed mandate of UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education (IBE)



UNESCO’s International Bureau for Education (IBE) is the only United Nations entity with a global curriculum mandate. Since 2022, IBE’s renewed curriculum mandate stipulates that IBE is UNESCO’s global focal point and platform for knowledge, dialogue, and cooperation on curriculum, contributing to UNESCO’s work in education through a holistic, inter-sectoral, and forward-looking vision. The renewed mandate supports national, regional, and international curriculum functions of UNESCO Member States and beneficiary countries (primarily to ministries of education through UNESCO’s field offices), private and government organisations, such as universities and colleges through partnerships.

The aim of the evaluation is to assess IBE’s renewed curriculum mandate, implemented from January 2022, with a focus on its alignment with its Medium-Term Strategy 2022-2025, its relevance within a competitive global education landscape, and its potential for operational (budgetary and staffing) and systems sustainability and growth. The evaluation focused on Relevance, Coherence, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Sustainability, providing both findings and recommendations. The evaluation lasted four months and involved a total of 210 stakeholders, including 61 respondents in remote and in-person key informant interviews, two focus group discussions, and 149 online survey respondents. The findings were discussed in validation workshops.


01/04/2023 - 14/07/2023


Statistics, Evaluation and social Research


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