National Plan for Good Living

International Technical Assistance to SENPLADES (Secretariat of National Planning and Development) and state ministries for the achievement and support of PASES II – Programme for supporting the Social, Solidary & Sustainable Economic System of the National Plan for Good Living – Ecuador



As part of the project “Apoyo al Sistema Económico, Solidario y Sostenible - PASES II", ICON-INSTITUT GmbH supported the National Secretariat for Planning and Development (SENPLADES) and other government institutions, in implementing the National Development Goals, i.e., strengthening national planning processes, policy-making and the planning and implementation of corresponding activities. Institutional capacities of SENPLADES and other public institutions were strengthened through special training courses.
The focus was on:
Planning: • Elaboration of the “Vision Ecuador 2030”; • Result oriented budget planning and distribution of the central government's resources to the TAGs; • Strengthening participatory planning and management processes; • Preparation of objectives and targets of the economic sector for the National Development Plan; • Definition of the monitoring subsystem.
Economics: • Development of an econometric model of the dollarized economy; • Development of a proposal for the private insurance market; • E-money systems; • Technical review of specialised documents with macroeconomic consistency.
Production: • Productive development in border areas; • Agriculture-based production and value chains, including national and international market analyses; • Comprehensive analysis of solutions for the use of renewable energies and energy efficient technologies; • Policies and projects to promote production; • Promotion of market access through e-commerce.


01/02/2016 - 27/12/2017




Economic and Employment Promotion


1.683.509 €


European Union - ALA


Delegation of the European Union to Ecuador

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