National Plan for Good Living

National Plan for Good Living

International Technical Assistance to SENPLADES (Secretariat of National Planning and Development) and state ministries for the achievement and support of PASES II – Programme for supporting the Social, Solidary & Sustainable Economic System of the National Plan for Good Living – Ecuador



As part of the project “Apoyo al Sistema Económico, Solidario y Sostenible - PASES II", ICON-INSTITUT GmbH supported the National Secretariat for Planning and Development (SENPLADES) and other government institutions, in implementing the National Development Goals, i.e., strengthening national planning processes, policy-making and the planning and implementation of corresponding activities. Institutional capacities of SENPLADES and other public institutions were strengthened through special training courses.
The focus was on:
Planning: • Elaboration of the “Vision Ecuador 2030”; • Result oriented budget planning and distribution of the central government's resources to the TAGs; • Strengthening participatory planning and management processes; • Preparation of objectives and targets of the economic sector for the National Development Plan; • Definition of the monitoring subsystem.
Economics: • Development of an econometric model of the dollarized economy; • Development of a proposal for the private insurance market; • E-money systems; • Technical review of specialised documents with macroeconomic consistency.
Production: • Productive development in border areas; • Agriculture-based production and value chains, including national and international market analyses; • Comprehensive analysis of solutions for the use of renewable energies and energy efficient technologies; • Policies and projects to promote production; • Promotion of market access through e-commerce.


01/02/2016 - 27/12/2017




Economic and Employment Promotion


1.683.509 €


European Union - ALA


Delegation of the European Union to Ecuador

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