Business Licensing Reforms in the Food Sector

Employment-oriented MSME promotion – Consultants for the “Business Licensing Reforms in the Food Sector in Jordan”



Thanks to a series of business environment reforms enacted over the past years, Jordan has been selected among the top 3 business climate improvers in the World Bank Group’s Doing Business 2020 report. Despite these significant improvements, a number of business environ- ment constraints continue to plague businesses and investors. Information about procedures is not consistently published in the official gazette or available online. The Cabinet issued a General Policy Document on Sectoral Licensing Reforms in 2019 and is committed to simplify the business licensing systems. The GIZ MSME program supports business licensing reforms in selected sectors, amongst others, in the food sector, with the objective of developing a condu- cive licensing system by improving the clarity of procedures, requirements, documents, and fees as well as the transparency and predictability of the decision-making process by the entities in- volved. ICON in partnership with Amawi, Takrouri and Associates (ATA) implement the food business licensing reform project, tackling the reform of regulatory, legislative, institutional and procedural aspects of Jordan’s food business licensing system. A number of cross-cutting activities, such as a gender impact assessment, ensuring that the roles and needs of business- women are incorporated into the design of the new licensing system. An IT infrastructure assessment will help determine the gaps or readiness of digitising parts of the licensing process. An e-services action plan will provide recommendations to remove existing digital barriers, reduce administrative burdens and improve the quality of interactions with involved authorities. (4410112)

07/06/2021 - 30/05/2024




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Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung (BMZ)


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