Development and Maintenance of National Digital Platform

Provision of Support to the Ministry of Education and Science in the Development and Maintenance of National Digital Platform including Assessment of Needs for Equipment of Technology and Digital Devices



Within the COVID-19 pandemic, the likelihood of prolonged school closure and disruption of regular operation remains high, and the pandemic is likely to have a long-lasting impact on education and psychosocial wellbeing of children, calling for immediate action. The UNICEF project supported educational institutions on a response to ensure the continuity of learning for every child and adolescent in the country during COVID-19 pandemic. Interventions focus on upgrading the capacity of education system, teachers, and personnel to minimize the short-term and long-term negative impact of COVID-19 on education sector. As part of the intervention the assignment aims to support the transformation and modernisation of the national education system with emphasis on improving quality and relevance of teaching and learning through addressing the digital divide and ICT improvement in schools located in urban and remote areas with limited connectivity. ICON identified and assessed localised needs to ensure continuous education and digital learning, including support in the identification of solutions and digital devices (specifications and bill of quantities) with an equity focus for inclusive education. A national roadmap for digital learning, ensuring the adoption of guidelines on the effective use of the national digital platform being established by UNICEF with MoES and Development Partners was developed. Furthermore, technical support and guidance was given to MoES education personnel to upgrade national systems capacity towards long term sustainability of digital learning and remote operation.


01/03/2021 - 31/12/2021




Economic and Employment Promotion


156.406 €


European Union



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