Rights of Displaced People, Refugees & Returnees

Legal Aid, Assistance and Dissemination of Information necessary for Ensuring the Protection and Exercising of Rights of Internally Displaced People (IDPs), Refugees and Returnees



The Republic of Serbia still provides refuge to some 66.400 refugees and 201.247 IDP’s, most of them live in a perpetual uncertainty as concerns the possibility of their return and are further exposed to the limit support being offered for the integration of refugees and the improvement of living conditions.

The European Union decided to provide support and overall durable solutions through the provision of legal aid/assistance and upgrading availability of timely and accurate information, necessary for exercising rights of the refugees and the IDP’s. It is under this scenario that ICON-INSTITUT as member of a Consortium implementing this project supports the creation of a network of legal aid offices familiar with relevant legislation, return procedures and settlement procedures for IDPs and refugees as well as with the organisation of trainings and workshops in order to provide them with the necessary knowledge, good practices and skills for coping with legal problems of forced migrants.

In the end, the access from vulnerable groups - such as refugees and IDPs - to legal aid/assistance on property rights, health, education, employment, social welfare and protection of human rights is provided with an enhanced quality. Therefore, the availability of information supports these groups on exerting their rights and improve their life conditions.


01/12/2018 - 15/04/2023




Governance, Education and Social Development


2.951.000 €


European Union


Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia

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