Social Development & Poverty Reduction

Technical Assistance to Establish a New Program on Social Development and Poverty Reduction in the Process of Accession to the European Union



Taking into consideration the development needs of Albania for a comprehensive approach in the area of Employment and Social Policies required for the EU integration, the EU explores the possibility to further support a local led Employment, Social Protection and Inclusion sector under IPA II instrument 2019/2020.

The overall objective of the project is ´to support the formulation of a comprehensive programme on local social development and poverty reduction in Albania by enhancing outreach of quality employment and VET and extending the social protection and inclusion floor in the framework of decentralisation and territorial reform’.

In the definition of the overall objective of the project, as set out in the ToR, the following two key guiding principles had been identified by the project team:

- Comprehensive and sector-wide approach; and

- Support to the Government strategy for decentralisation of responsibilities regarding service provision from the central government to the local governments.


17/09/2018 - 12/02/2020




Governance, Education and Social Development


403.976 €


European Union - IPA


Delegation of the European Union to Albania

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