State Statistical Committee & European Standards

EU Support to the State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SSC) to reach European Standards



The aims was to support the Government of Azerbaijan in making accurate economic statistics, then available for the monitoring of the economic reform process and its outcomes. The State Statistical Committee (SSC) is now able to produce and disseminate data of increased coverage and improved quality, through improved tools for measuring the accuracy of statistics. ICON-INSTITUT’s contributions support the carrying out of training to statisticians and users of statistics in current methods of producing and analysing data within the scope of workshops, missions and study visits in order to succeed in implementing the project and to ensure it has the desired impact and sustainability. An improved quality of producer price and production data is required to describe events in the industry and service sectors. This data is now available for short term economic monitoring and as input into quarterly national accounts. The adoption or updating of international statistical classifications allows statistics in key areas to be internationally comparable and made between different sectors. Integrating into SSC practice tools and standards, that have already been developed by previous projects, the project further improves statistical operations such as data quality management, geographical information systems (GIS), business register and related issues, dissemination policy and preparation of documents related to implementation of the statistical law. Producers of statistics in the SSC and in other ministries are trained in current international statistical concepts and methods as well as in their application to Azerbaijan data. Key users of statistics are trained in appropriate statistics analysis techniques.


30/01/2018 - 01/02/2020




Statistics, Evaluation and social Research


1.138.050 €


European Union


European Union

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