Strengthening the Medical Procurement System of Ukraine

Support to strengthening and resilience of Medical procurement system of Ukraine



This project is the continuation of the cooperation between Ukraine and the EU in the health sector. It builds on the experiences and practices introduced in 2015 by the Ministry of Health, which called on specialised international organisations to purchase healthcare products. The aim of this decision was to ensure effective access to healthcare by strong supply chain practices while combating corruption. The overall objective of this assignment is to bolster the MPU’s autonomy and efficiency as the medical procurement agency on a national level with the best possible results for Ukrainian patients regarding the availability and high quality of medicines and medical devices.

The financing agreement for this project falls under the European Neighbourhood Instrument, the goal of that partnership is to “establish an area of prosperity and good neighbourliness, founded on the values of the Union and characterises by close and peaceful relations based on cooperation”. The project aims to support strengthening and resilience of MPU, through four specific objectives: 1. Establishment of a full-cycle procurement agency with a stable and efficient supply chain of medical products according to the People that Deliver (PtD) methodology 2. Implement best corporate governance practices ensuring the MPU operates with transparency, accountability, and integrity in all its processes. 3. Improve stock management and distribution capacity towards ensuring constant availability for the patient and optimising throughput and shipment of goods processes 4. Support MPU in creating a business strategy for the next period, 2024-2026, and elaborating on different financial and business model options.


01/08/2023 - 01/08/2024




Governance, Education and Social Development


792.900 €


European Union


European Commission

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