Uganda’s 2nd National Development Plan

Diagnostic Studies No. 3.1 to 3.5 to support the Mid-Term Review of Uganda’s 2nd National Development Plan (NDP-2) and evaluation of NDP-1



The National Development Plan of Uganda (NDP) aims to address structural bottlenecks in the economy to accelerate socioeconomic transformation and bring a portion of the third of the population out of poverty. The plan outlines the development priorities and implementation strategies to help achieve this. Among these, climate change is acknowledged as an enabling sector that will require integration with other sectors of the economy for successful socioeconomic transformation.

The evaluation of NDP1 and the mid-term review of NDP2 assess the progress made against the set objectives and results, identify challenges and emerging issues and recommend specific actions to address in the remaining NDP2 period and to be considered for the design of NDP3 and the first 10-Year Perspective Plan (2020/2021-2029/30). The NPA and the inter-agency technical committee recommended that 14 in-depth diagnostic studies should be undertaken to provide additional and complementary analysis and insights for this purpose. These diagnostic studies were grouped into 3 distinct thematic blocks. The studies undertaken within this project dealt with the thematic block 3 and covered the topics
Human Capital Development * Inclusive Growth * Social Development * Gender * Population Growth Impacts


10/01/2019 - 30/03/2019




Governance, Education and Social Development


254.966 €


European Union


Delegation of the European Union to Uganda

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