ICON-INSTITUTE is member of the VBI. The VBI Foreign Committee was founded more than 60 years ago to better represent the interests of German companies abroad and jointly solve overriding issues. The VBI also represents German companies at EFCA and FIDIC.

The Foreign Committee is made up of 44 consulting and advisory engineering firms that work abroad for the GIZ and KfW, amongst others, on projects in the field of: Agriculture and Forestry; Construction; Education and Training; Employment; advisory services to public administrations; energy/renewable energies; financial sector reform; promotion of the private sector; health; trade, climate protection; sustainability and resource protection; transport infrastructure; hydraulic engineering/water management/irrigation; waste disposal and recycling; digital transformation; urban planning and mobility.

Together, we advocate for fair competition and clear tax regulations for all companies. Against this background, we also look forward to a lively exchange during the GIZ Consulting day on 18.09.2023.